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Sequential art is the craft of creating a visual story sequence – often for comic book or graphic novel production, but also in pre-production for film, tv and video games.

It involves combining images, text, and other visual elements to create an engaging narrative. To produce sequential art, the job of the artist is to work out how a script will be visualised. The artist must imagine what the story looks like from panel to panel and break it down into individual elements like characters, props, backgrounds, and perspective.

To begin the artist can start sketching out rough thumbnails of each panel. These thumbnails should be used as a guide for creating more detailed pencil sketches that capture all the necessary story beats. From there, the artist can begin digitally painting the illustrations, adding colors, textures, and effects to bring them to life. Finally, post-production techniques like digital compositing can help add the finishing touches to a sequence.

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Storyboard Art

Storyboard artists are responsible for taking scripts and turning them into visual sequences. They create the blueprint of how a film/tv production, commercial, video game, comic or other screen production will look by sketching out each scene. 

We are able to translate a clients vision into tangible scenes that are easy to understand, take complex ideas and break them down into simpler images so that the crew can actually produce what is being asked and ensure a story is being told frame to frame in a clear and concise manner. 

Comic & Graphic novel Art

A comic artist is responsible for creating the visuals for a comic book or graphic novel. They must work with the writer or script to develop an overall visual plan for the story, then break it down into individual panels and pages.

Comic artists typically start by sketching out thumbnails of each panel to get a better idea of how the story will be told – taking into account page flow, shot framing, expressions, dynamism and dialogue positioning.

They then move on to creating more detailed illustration that capture all the necessary story beats and emotion. From there, they can begin digitally painting the illustrations. Digital painting allows artists to experiment with colours, lighting effects, textures, and more in order to create a truly immersive experience.


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Comic & graphic novel production

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