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Concept Art

Concept art is an essential part of the storytelling process, as it helps to visually communicate the story and establish the overall look and feel of a project.

Concept art can range from simple sketches to detailed illustrations, depending on the purpose. It is often used in pre-production to brainstorm ideas for characters, settings, environments, props and other elements that will appear in the story.

For a production team, concept art can be a valuable tool for visualising ideas and inspiring creativity. Sketches or illustrations can help project manager and directors to better understand their characters, as well as the world they inhabit.

By visualising these elements, we can gain a better understanding of the story and how it should be told. Additionally, concept art can help to establish a consistent aesthetic for projects in different mediums, such as films, video games or comic books.

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Character concept art

Character design involves several different steps, starting with concepting and ideation. This part of the process typically involves researching different visual styles, genres and trends to find inspiration for the character. 

Next, sketching comes into play. Designers often start by creating basic shapes to form a silhouette and then work on refining the character’s features. Adjustments are made in an iterative process, in order to create a unique character that stands out from others. 

Finally, the visual elements of the character are added. This includes things like colours, textures and clothing or armour that the character may need to wear depending on the genre and art direction. 

Environment Concept Art

Environment concept art is the process of creating visual representations of a particular environment or setting that clearly sets the tone of the world we’re about to enter.

It involves creating images that accurately capture the mood, atmosphere, and color palette of a specific environment, using core principles of design to create emotionally evoking imagery that enhances the underlying story.

It can be helpful to sketch out thumbnails or mockups of what you have in mind before diving into digital painting. Digital painting is an essential part of creating environment concept art, as it allows artists to experiment with colours, textures, and lighting effects in order to create a dramatic and immersive atmosphere.

Object concept art

Object concept art is the process of creating visual representations of accessories and objects in a particular fictional world. It is used to bring a sense of realism to the environment and help transport viewers into that alternate reality. The artist must consider all elements, from the shape and size to the color palette, materials, and textures of an object or accessory in order to accurately convey the world and its inhabitants.

Object concept art might include weapons, shields, vehicles, key items and accessories – basically any and all items that serve the story and visual representation of the world. 



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