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Art Direction

Art Directors must be able to interpret ideas and translate them into visuals that meet the creative goals of the project.

They are responsible for making sure that all elements of the work, from the overall concept to the specific details, fit together in a cohesive and consistent way, and can then be carried across an entire campaign or set of products. 

Put simply, good art direction is essential to bring your life in a coherent way to resonate with your target audience. 

Whilst the tasks always very from project to project, below are some key services we provide that we see as must-haves for most projects. 

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Market Analysis

Does it matter what everyone else is doing? Absolutely – you need to know the popular trends, learn of any potential hurdles and have an understanding of where your product would sit within the broader market.

The aim of our analysis services is to help find the correct visual language in which to tell a story and the correct framing in which to market it. This step is research intensive and creates a solid base and approach as opposed to rushing into visualisation.

Typically, this involves: mood boarding, story/genre analysis, market analysis, art style trend analysis and more – which will all result in a comprehensive AmCo recommendation document for you to take forward into visual development.

Visual Development

Simply put, visual development is a creative process that helps define the look and feel of a project, based on the genre, tone and intended target audience.

Using various visual elements, such as colours, fonts, shapes, attire, gestures, images and more, we will explore multiple visual styles in order to find the right art style for your project that would most engage your target audience.

From initial sketches, extensive style testing, colour palette definition and beyond, we like to define unique and striking visuals for each project, and document the process in a manner that is replicable across an entire body of work.

The end result of this process should be a set of key visual pieces and annotations that clearly define the visual direction to take forward into production.

Art Documentation

A comprehensive guide that documents the tone, look and feel of a story and it’s accompanying art in great depth – which can be shared with a wider team and third-party suppliers to keep your project and brand looking consistent.

It includes detailed information about the narrative and its characters, such as plot points, motivations, character arcs and more.

Additionally, it includes visual elements like colours, fonts, shapes, images, animation style and other elements of design that are necessary to inform the creative team and keep things consistent.

We will develop a comprehensive document that captures the essence of your story to help avoid the micro-management of multiple teams working in tandem.


Market Analysis

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Art Documentation

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