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We work with clients of all sizes – from large publishers and brands, to independent creators looking for expertise in the comic book medium.

We look to act as a creative partner in bringing your project to life – working closely with you to produce character and environments, providing editorial expertise for your script, producing proof of concept to find the right style before illustrating the artwork to a world-class standard.

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Comic book pitches

We don’t say yes to every project. But when we do, it’s because we think it has legs to run.


Whilst in publishing we can never make any guarantees, we’ll look to recommend a publishing house and can sometimes even help approach the publisher and pitch the material.

Unfortunately due to our level of commitment, we’re only able to take on a very limited number of pitch projects at any one time.

If you’d like to have a chat about your project, we recommend you first read the FAQ below before getting in touch.



I’ve got the next Batman/Spider-man superhero sensation, will you draw it?

Well, yes and no. We’re realists and whilst we receive many great scripts looking to do whats been done before, a unique concept is really what we’re looking for – a narrative that gets us excited, with enthralling characters and a unique selling point.

But with that all said, if you think your idea has mileage, by all means send it over and we’ll take a look.

What do we need to send?

In the first instance, its important we can get a grip of the overall body of work quickly. So what we look for in submissions is a the title, a log line and a less-than 500 word summary of the entire story.

If you have ideas about the kind of style you think would suit the work or previously illustrated to us, please do send this too, but it is not a requirement.

Will you read my full script?

Once we’ve had a chance to review the 500-word synopsis and we think we can add value, yes of course!

I’ve got a publisher interested and need an art team. Can you help?

In short, yes. Having an editor or publisher genuinely interested is a good sign and usually pre-qualifies the material for a fast-track review by us. So by all means, do get in touch.

We’re planning a crowdfunding campaign to fund the project. Will you draw it for us?

As with regular submissions, please send us across your less-than-500-word breakdown along with your campaign plan and any previous campaigns you’ve run.

Typically, we’ll need to provide a quote to complete the work, which can usually be offset against the overall project fee if you reach your funding goal.

Will you draw my project for free?

There are definitely exceptions to every rule and it definitely depends on a few things – such as your previous works, publisher platform/interest and the proposed deal structure. But typically for most work-for-hire projects, unfortunately we’re unable to accommodate such requests.

House art styles

Check out some of the art styles we've worked in for previous projects.

How we work

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Meet the team

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Need a hand?

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