Season 1: The Spark


A tale of love, death, memories and the darkest of secrets, Rid of You is a dark fantasy romance graphic novel, coming to Kickstarter..

Launching June 28 2024



We will have a number of exciting and unique rewards in store for those who choose to support Rid of You on Kickstarter.

These range from standard book editions, to extremely limited edition hardcovers, an UNCUT story edition which includes more action and mature themes and even Metal prints!

Check out some of the rewards in store below. And if you want to ensure you secure your desired rewards, follow our Kickstarter prelaunch page so you’re notified as soon as we go live.


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A mortal and a Faerie of Death were never meant to meet, let alone fall in love.

But when dark forces conspire to end the forbidden romance, can Tristan & Aradia overcome surmounting odds – including risking the balance of the universe itself – to live their fairytale happily ever after?

A tale of love, death, memories and the darkest of secrets, Rid of You is centered around simple question: Are we a product of our past, or do we shape our own destiny?

Written and illustrated by Times best-selling artist Amrit Birdi (Alex Rider, Assassins Creed, Username:Evie, Disney, Penguin RH, Ubisoft & more) with scripting assists and editorial from Madelaine Salvage (Alex Rider, Guardian of the Realm), this graphic novel has been over two years in the making, designed to entertain teens and resonate deeply with adults.

If you enjoyed stories like Spirited Away and Your Name, with a hint of Tokyo Ghoul, then this is definitely for you.