Illustration Studio London

bloXmove digital comic

We’ve worked with bloXmove – a utility token used to reinvent mobility – to write and illustrate their first digital comic!

The bloXmove BLXM token provides a protocol as well as a decentralized transaction-as-a-service platform which reinvents mobility as a service.


BloXmove wanted to tell a story about a girl called Sophia who sets out to locate a sustainable source of energy and change the world.

We produced a synopsis and beat sheet under this premise, and ensured we worked closely with BloXmove to make sure the story was just right before proceeding to illustrate the comic.

For the art style itself, BloXmove trusted our recommendation: to tell the story through a muted palette, with flash forward sequences in full digital colour to help reflect the dark world within the story and the bright future ahead, provided Sophia completes her mission!

You can check out the full comic on BloxMove’s twitter.




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