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Editor or publisher looking for potential projects?

Alongside work-for-hire, we also look to curate and develop a range of original IP’s ready for publication.

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Below you can find a collection of properties we’ve developed with a variety of creators and are currently looking for the right platform.

If you’re interested and would like to know more, feel free to get in touch anytime.


Northstarr: Acquisition

Northstarr and Slash, two unsavoury mercenaries for hire become pawns in an inter-planetary war between the government and the evil TRF.

This unconventional and emotional story explores the themes of how people with always be at war, will make its readers both celebrate the oddballs of society and challenges typical ideologies of what exactly makes a hero.


Gone to Earth

There’s no return for the first men and women to establish an outpost on the Red Planet. But what happens when the technology evolves to bring their children back?

The first trio to make the journey are welcomed like lost sons and daughters, and yet they’re far from home. These Martians might be human…but they’re not like us.